Founded 1990

Purpose and Activities

The purpose and objective of the Society is to further the special relationship that has developed between the United States and the Kingdom of Bahrain over the past 100 years, by:

  • Promoting friendship and understanding between the United States and Bahrain;
  • Increasing the level of awareness of Bahrain in the United States;
  • Fostering closer ties between the two countries; and
  • Enhancing historical, commercial, cultural, and social programs of mutual benefit.
The Society's activities seeking to strengthen the relationship include:
  • Promoting the exchange of official and unofficial visits;
  • Promoting greater understanding and appreciation of the cultures of the two respective countries;
  • Exploring mutual educational opportunities;
  • Sponsoring educational and social functions; and
  • Encouraging commercial and business bilateral relations.
Specific programs and activities undertaken by the Society include:
  • Organizing visits to Bahrain by Society members;
  • Letter correspondence exchanges between students in the United States and Bahrain;
  • Distributing information and promotional materials about Bahrain to elementary schools throughout the United States;
  • Sponsoring educational seminars in cooperation with colleges and universities;
  • Sponsoring receptions and dinners which focus on topics relating to Bahrain and the Gulf region. Speakers have included ranking diplomats, educators, business executives and leaders of the armed services. These functions are normally held at the Bahrain Embassy, Washington, D.C.;
  • Publishing a quarterly Newsletter about Society activities and featuring articles and new items of excerpted from the Gulf Daily News about developments business and infrastructure and other events in Bahrain.

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